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Design and implementation of self defence course

Soke Solly Said 9th Dan Karate Master, Professor PhD Martial Arts and Sports medicine,  Oriental weapon and qualified health and fitness instructor.

Soke Solly Said has been involved in the Martial Arts from both a spiritual and physical perspective since 1965. He has lived, trained and taught in the UK, USA, Japan, New Zealand, Australia, India and South Africa.

He has many students that have obtained national and international titles. In his passionate pursuit for knowledge within the realm of Martial Arts, he has to date travelled overseas at least thirty times – competing, teaching, conducting workshops, always mindful to learn as much as possible from each and every encounter.

Soke Solly Said has conducted many Self-Defence workshops. He has successfully been running Self-Defence programs for over 40 years. His vast array of clients include many well known celebrities, including women’s organizations such as P.O.W.A. (People Opposed to Women Abuse), and he also conducts special programs for disadvantaged children in the townships of Johannesburg. Soke Solly is also a motivational speaker, with an emphasis on self-awareness, self confidence and self expression.
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Three integrated principles and objectives:

- awareness

- fitness

- confidence

Kansai's Three Step Programme ....

  • "street smart" crime avoidance - up to 90% of all crime related injuries could have been avoided or minimised. Become a master of avoidance.
  • "vital pressure points" defence - become a master of the art of neutralising an attacker
  • dynamic "total conditioning" - our unique practice fighting sequence is an exercise that works every muscle in your body. Become a master over you own body.
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